About Bayne Brewing

The Bayne Brewing Company is a family-owned nano beer brewery based out of Cornelius, NC.  As a brewery, we specialize in making the highest quality brews possible, sourcing the best ingredients available. We utilize a 2 barrel brew system which allows us to make top notch, small batch beers.  We will have several beers on hand at any given time and plan to make over 30 varieties over the first year of business.

The brewery itself is the result of a genuine passion for good beer.  We are influenced by a combination of beer styles and cultures and that will be evident in our many types of beer..  There will be some traditional flavors of beer and there will also be unique flavors.

Every beer that we will make will have a backstory to it.  Whether the influence comes from ancient Mesopotamia, or a current west coast renegade, every beer has meaning.  Craft beer is something that is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family and we want to share that experience with our customers.